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Subject: Sustainability

I’m concerned about the health and maintenance of our land- our soil and water ways, our pasture and biodiversity. The value and cultural history of Taos completely stems from the water and the land here. It is truely an Oasis if it is maintained. Newcomers and locals alike may not understand or have the resources to properly use their water rights or handle invasive species. The less the asequias are utilized, the less the aquifers regenerate, the more erosion and dead pasture covered in clay and tumbleweed. The more elms and russian olives sprout up all over, the more water is stripped from the native plants that support our biodiversity.. What ideas do you have to improve and maintain the health of our asequias? Should land owners be educated and assisted in some way to handle their waters ways and invasive species?

Is Food Sovereignty for Pueblo, Town and County (together in collaboration) part of your “ecological, economic sustainability plan” and what are some of the solutions you would like to implement?

As political subdivisions of the state, acequia commissions are eligible to receive funding and other direct support from local governments, including the town. If elected, will you commit to making at least $100k per year available to acequias that flow through the town in order to help to preserve our shared green spaces, tree canopy, and local traditions and culture?

We have heard food establishments talk of the burden of the no plastic ordinance. Small businesses want to do right by our environment but it seems it is pricing many food establishments out of business. What can you do to help businesses meet the requirements without going out of business?

Do you believe that Taos can really live up to its reputation as a solar-based community, stemming from the 1991 milestone of KTAO becoming the first solar-powered radio station in the world? If so, what actions will you take as Town Councillor to ensure a sustainable future for our small, rural and beloved community?

What do you see as the best ways that we can create a more resilient and sustainable community for all?

What are you going to do about the deep water mitigation wells?

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