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Subject: Principles

Are you committed to rehabbing abandoned buildings and hotels in Taos? These are eyesores and could be useful land.

How do each of the democratic mayoral candidates justify splitting the democratic vote? Is there a plan to unify and defeat the incumbent at any point?

Please explain why you are not a registered democrat and what your political affiliation or ideology is? For example, are you a member of Q-Anon, Proud Boys, 3 percenters, Oath Keepers, or 1AP (first Amendment Protectors) or any insurrectionist groups

Name of specific candidate the question was addressed to:
Oswald, Sweet

In 2016 Dan Barrone signed onto Resoluion 19-22 and proclaimed Taos to be a Global Peace Zone. How do candidates intend to uphold or promote this designation so it isn’t just idle rhetoric in a file somewhere. And what is your position on Los Alamos Lab’s expansion of Pit Production for Nuclear Weapons?

What would Land Back to Taos pueblo look like in your eyes?

We understand the Gaming world is programed mainly for males and young people. Do you understand the art you show on your website is often offensive and mysogenistic to Women? Is Exploitation of Women for entertainment purposes a value you have?

What is your philosophy or ideology of government? ie Limited Government, or Government as a tool for meeting societal needs that people can not meet on their own?

You are a registered Democrat and even served as a Democratic State Representative, yet you donated money to the Republican candidate for State Rep in the general election after you declined not to run in the primary. Shouldn’t our elected Democrats be counted on to support other Democrats?

Name of specific candidate the question was addressed to:

Would you support a resolution expressing support for reproductive rights in the face of direct attacks on Roe v Wade?

Are you or have you ever been a member of the National Rifle Association or other organization that actively works to block sensible gun safety legislation?

Audre Lorde quote: “you’d better name yourself or others will do it for you.” What does this quote mean to you? How do you self-identify and why?

The Taos County Democratic Party has just adopted a county party platform. Dan and Pascual, you are registered Dems. Have you read the platform? Do you publicly endorse and will you publicly commit to governing in accordance with the platform? For Genevieve and Dustin, you are registered Declined to State. WIll you still commit to governing in accordance with the platform that represents the values of the overwhelming majority of your constituents, who are registered Dems? (platform to be sent to all candidates today)

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