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Subject: COVID

What do you think the town council can do to improve adherence to covid protocols.

Covid has taken almost 80 residents of Taos County. Thus far, there has been no leadership from either the incumbent mayor or the sitting town council. If elected Mayor, what steps will you take to show residents that this is an important matter that is not yet over, even though things are opening back up?

How can the town government support businesses enforce mask mandates

How would you enforce mask mandates?

Do you support mask mandates?

What are your strategies to mitigate the spread of covid in Taos

If elected, how would you assure that covid protocols, such as wearing masks in indoor settings, are enforced

In the last forum, when asked, none of you supported mask mandates and talked about “freedom.” Not one of you mentioned that masks save lives- particularly of the immuno-compromised. I lost two immuno-cmpromised friends to Covid, one in Taos, one in Questa. If freedom is all that matters, do you also oppose seat belts in cars? They are far more confining than masks. If not, what’s the difference?

For two years eminent scientists and physicians who question mandates and lockdowns have been silenced as “antivaxers.” Despite the mainstream narrative that Covid vaccines are “Safe and Effective,” rapidly accumulating worldwide evidence casts doubt on these pronouncements.

As Mayor, will you accede to governmental mandates as in the past or seek out all sides on issues of public health and Constitutional liberties?

Are you vaccinated and boosted? If not, why not.

Are you vaxxed and boosted for Covid? Why or Why not? This is private information however given the Public Health Mandates and the divisions within our society, voters want to know your position.

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