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Subject: Kit Carson Park

For many years, people have asked for a financial accounting of the concerts in the park. Why has there never been a cost/benefit analysis done and made public? Are those statistics available?

A few years ago the Town of Taos purchased a large concert stage and began to host national-level music concerts in Kit Carson Park. These events have drawn crowds of overnight and weekend visitors larger than the traditional Barn Dance. While local lodging and restaurants may benefit, other local business owners and residents who live near the Park find the traffic, parking, and noise to be a problem and would prefer the venue to relocate to a less congested area. Some would also like to know more about the Town’s return on investment for these super-sized events. What is your understanding and position regarding national-level concert events in Kit Carson Park?

How do you stand on having concerts in Kit Carson Park? Just under 1,000 people have signed a petition asking that they be moved or eliminated. How do you intend to answer them?

Kit Carson Park. The main stage that was permanently installed for concert. This set the stage, so to speak, that the park is a concert venue, hoping to attract big name acts. What are your plans to do with this stage? Do you want Taos to be known as a big name concert venue? Not only an eye soar, but a public park turned private profit. What are your plans, if any, for that main stage?

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