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Subject: Recycling

The plastic ban isn’t working. Merchants are issuing thicker plastic bags with the rationale that customers will reuse them. There is no evidence that customers are reusing them. Rather, they are discarding them like previous single-use bags. During debate about the ban, Mayor Barrone and a number of other council members failed to support a fee for plastic bags that has been shown nation-wide to reduce plastic. Can each candidate explain what they will do to fix the ban so that it achieves it’s intended outcome and can they comment on the usefulness of a fee system?

Will you get the recycling center back open for all possible items…not just paper and tin cans?

The present mayor is using the recycling center as a political game saying it’ll open in six months for cardboard so he can garner votes however each of the candidates how committed are you to totally opening the recycling center for not only cardboard but for a paper cardboard glass and plastic no matter how much it costs???

What is the candidate’s view of the importance or lack of it of restoring and maintaining recycling in the Taos Valley, working with County or town alone?

What measures can be taken to reestablish a recycling center that is profitable?

Could you please state your position on canceling or restoring recycling services in Taos? If the town cannot make revenue on recycling, what then?

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