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Subject: Poverty

At just $31,112 (U.S. Census Bureau), the median household income in the Town of Taos is 16% below that of Taos County ($36,582), 36% below that of New Mexico, and 54% below the median household income of the nation ($53,885). Why is this, and what could your administration do to improve incomes within the town?

Taos is a small town -roughly 6000 people living in 6 square miles. And we are a poor community by most standards. In 2019 Taos’ poverty rate was almost 30%, according to some sources, more than twice the national average of 13.4%, and even greater than NM’s 19%. Taos experiences many of the side-effects of poverty: drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, school drop-out rate, etc. In the last couple of years, all this has been further complicated by Covid. As Mayor/Town Council member, what is one way you would begin to address the issue of poverty in Taos.

What will you do to ensure people with low income can stay and work in Taos?

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