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Subject: Collaboration

There is a growing movement in our community to ensure 100% of Taos County residents have access to vital services for thriving & surviving, and preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences. What role do you think town government can play in collective impact models, such as the 100% Community Initiative? What role do you see yourself playing as a council member in these larger efforts?

What is your position on working with Taos Pueblo. Are you supportive to change the Kit Carson Park name to another name that is sensitive to the Pueblo? Will you support no fly zone over Taos Pueblo ancestral home?

How will you work with the County to combine efforts on affordable housing?

How will you work with the County to combine efforts on affordable housing?

What can you do to foster better cooperation among Town and County?

The Town of Taos has worked previously with Taos County on a joint application for Community Development Block Grant funds to make much needed repairs at the Taos Youth and Family Center. In fact, the Town asked the County for support. Now that the County is seeking CDBG funds to support an in-patient treatment facility for those with substance abuse and misuse disorders, will you support them?

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