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Subject: Inclusion

What do you think a healing and reconciliation process to address historic trauma in Taos might look like?

Are you properly registered for campaign finance reporting according to NMAC And have you been issued a CFIS User ID? Have you received or expended $1000 for your campaign (the minimum required amount to trigger required reporting for non-statewide candidates), and are you willing to provide a list of all donor names and donation amounts to your campaign as a matter of public record?

Would you support truth, healing, and reconciliation efforts in Taos to bring healing to and between the various communities of Taos?

How has racism affected decisions made by Taos government?

Has the colonization of Taos affected attitudes and behavior of present-day Taos residents? Yes or no? Please explain your answer.

Define colonization and what do you see are its impacts on Taos?

What is your plan to ensure Taos is fiscally responsible to our diverse population?

What does decolonization look like to you in the context of Taos? How are you going to amplify, center, and fight for the leadership of the Red Willow people, on whose land many of us are merely guests?

Members of minority communities make up 65% of our population and yet account for only 35% of businessowners. What tools does the Town have at its disposal to support the development of minority owned businesses?

Do you see colonialism as a concern in our Town or County? If so how/where? If not, why not? What about racism? Where do you see that come into play?

How will you address either of these concerns as an elected official?

How would you preserve “Taos” and minimizes gentrification and out reach to disenfranchised locals. Assisting with a living wage and affordable housing?

How will we know when Taos has made significant progress towards eliminating racism? What are specific indicators?

Taos is growing. How would you support sustainable growth, while maintaining the culture and diversity of the town.

What values and principles do you operate from when it comes to serving ALL PEOPLE; e.g., residents of Town, County and Pueblo, generational families to new people, different races and backgrounds, different experiences and expertise? Please give examples of how these values and principles will be lived out when elected.

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