La Coalición de Taos

La Coalición de Taos

La Coalicón de Taos facilitates educational experiences to inspire informed community action that benefits the land and water, people and historical cultures of the Taos, New Mexico area.

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Comment NOW (by May 6) on Taos Ski Valley Inc’s MASSIVE EXPANSION

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Dear James Duran, Carson National Forest Supervisor,

Please accept these Public Comments as part of your Scoping Process considering Taos Ski Valley Inc.’s Proposed Gondola & Other Improvements.

I support:

  • A full Environmental Impact Study of impacts on the Rio Hondo water quality & quantity, and impacts to forest health and wildlife.
  • Full disclosure of TSV water rights and proof that there is enough water currently available to support the expansion without further tapping of springs, groundwater, and streams.
  • Full disclosure of any TSV inc. water right permit violations including any exceedances of water rights used for snow-making, etc.
  • A functioning Water Treatment Plant that can handle peak tourism.

I oppose:

  • 5,000,000 gallon water tank near Lift #2.
  • High-Speed Gondola along the Lake Fork of the Rio Hondo that will cause unnecessary destruction & disturbance to the stream and corridor. Ski lifts & Twining Road already connect the base area to the Kachina basin.
  • Nordic/snow-shoe trail system on forested mountainside above Rio Hondo. This would require forest-thinning and grading that would cause erosion and disturb wildlife. This trail system should be relocated where development has already occurred and forest disturbance is not required.
  • More commercial construction such as hotels that increase water demand on the Rio Hondo and its springs, groundwater, and tributaries

Show a River Some Love!

For more info, an expanded comment letter, and photos of the 1980s Funeral for the Rio Hondo, visit:

Videos of Past Events

Virgin of the Apocalypse by Anita Otilia Rodriguez
Virgin of the Apocalypse by Anita Otilia Rodriguez

We Norteños here in northern New Mexico have a wonderful word: querencia, the place where we are at our best. A place from where we draw strength. A place where we know exactly who we are. For a lot of us it means home in the deepest sense of the word.
Because my family has been here for so many hundreds of years, the querencia I feel for the Taos Valley is intense. What’s happening in Taos now, left me with a sense of urgency to form La Coalición. I wanted to bring together like-minded newcomers, generational families, and native Taoseños to work together to preserve what’s here and to protect it.